IDPA Course

International Defensive Pistol Association

With IDPA, standard weapons (pistols, revolvers and 9mm carbines) will include self-defense scenarios from holsters. Divided into different weapon categories (division) and performance categories. The main goal is to test the differences and skills of each. IDPA was founded in the United States in 1996 and is managed in 70 countries.

You can find the most important documents on IDPA shooting under the following links:

Do you want to start IDPA sport shooting? To get the "Platzreife", take an IDPA intro course. This usually lasts one day and gives you the most important rules for IDPA shooting.

Swiss IDPA Clubs

(status January 2020)

SwissAAA Club

Wittenbach / SG

IDPA Club Zürich

Birmensdorf / ZH


Zürich / ZH


Villeneuve / VD