Dry Fire Training at shootingcourse.ch

In our 2protect Center in Zurich we offer you the possibility to train at the pistol, revolver or rifle within the framework of Dry Fire (dry fire exercises). If you are new to this field, this is a very good opportunity to practice essential weapon procedures in a relaxed atmosphere without " bang ". Are you an experienced shooter? We can show you advanced techniques and procedures and train with you, which for safety reasons may not be practiced in a sharp shot.

We offer:

  • Introduction of weapons skills
  • Legal basis
  • Dry manipulations (loading, unloading, press check, speed reload, tactical reload, malfunction clearance)
  • One-handed manipulation drills (injured training)
  • Laser dry fire training 
  • Simple to difficult scenarios involving communication, weapon handling, motion with detailed analysis
  • Manipulation Drills on time
  • Shooting and movement on time

The training can be adapted to your needs. Contact us for a non-binding inquiry.