About us - Who is shootingcourse.ch?

2protect GmbH offers structured and constructive shooting courses with pistols, revolvers and semi-automatic rifles, for experienced and less experienced persons. The courses are for women and men over 18 years, maximum 6 participants per course. The aim of the courses is the safe, correct handling of firearms in theory and practice. The weapons can be "rented" for the duration of the course, or are included in the course price. Professional course management by former militia instructors of the Swiss Army. For health we use 9mm Para Nontox (low emission) Muntion. These courses are also suitable for Waffenträger in the security service and Polizeiaspiranten. Course participants receive a course confirmation (course ID) for each module/shooting course.

Who can, who can notYou are at least 18 or not older than 60 years (60+ on request) old and not convicted of offenses against life and limb. A current extract from the criminal record not older than 3 months (order here online) MUST be presented on the day of the course (except for gun carriers and police officers). Citizens of Albania, Algeria, Sri Lanka, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Turkey are NOT allowed on the course (see Switzerland, Weapons Act, Destination Combat Agency Operator) We reserve the right to refuse persons we think are inappropriate We do not teach the people we really want to protect ourselves from!